Morning Light

Posted on June 6, 2017 | 1 Comment

So much going on but, instead of trying to jam it into one rambling, lengthy post, I’ll spread it out over a few days and make this a rambling, lengthy post about one topic!

Morning Light for webThe quilt I’m sharing with you today is the latest of my quilt mosaics entitled Morning Light. This is another close-up of a succulent – an echeveria – one of my absolute favorites! I love the ruffles, the undulating lines, the deep shadows, and brightly lit edges. It’s from an early morning picture and the colors make me happy.

Morning Light was a commission piece that was a dream from beginning to end. I received an inquiry at the end of last year asking if I’d make a piece for a family. I said that I would be interested and that we would talk after the first of the year. I asked that they think about size, subject matter, color preferences, etc. – all the normal stuff. We picked our date in January and talked after the holiday craziness had calmed a bit. The conversation was one of those wonderful, easy connections you make with people sometimes. I was entrusted with information about the family that gave me a sense of who they all were and I felt a real emotional connection to each of them. After a bit, I was told that they had decided they wanted me to choose the subject matter and color scheme. They wanted it to be truly from me.

Talk about nerves hitting. I played around with a few ideas and images. But this is the one I kept coming back to. So with a due date of May 31st, I started.

quilt showSome painting and some dying of buttons did happen, along with a little more purchasing but more than that, I thought about each member of the family while I was sewing. I felt like they were involved with its creation. This quilt actually debuted (unfinished though it was) at the Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association’s biannual quilt show where I was one of the two featured quilters (Mel Beach was the other). I got to share my process and even had some kids help lay out buttons.

In spite of going to an out of town conference and a family reunion trip to celebrate my mom’s 90th birthday, I managed to finish the piece and have my husband Curt photograph it for me.

Now the nerves truly kicked in. I sent the photo off to the family and had to wait for approval. They did approve it and I sent it off, still a bundle of nerves wondering what their reaction would be to the piece face to face.

I knew it had been delivered, but didn’t hear from them until Saturday. It was received in a way that was beyond my expectations and I was and still am so moved. The one line I’ll share with you, “I told my kids that this is our family heirloom.” I can’t express how honored and incredibly grateful I am that they let me create something for them! What a wonderful family and a wonderful experience.

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  1. Ann
    June 7, 2017

    What a wonderful reflection of your artistry and interaction with a family. It is an heirloom. Congratulations of a beloved finish.


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